Content Creation Bootcamp

Are you….  

  • A coach, speaker, business owner or expert in your field and know you need to create more content and IP but can’t seem to find the time?

  • Wishing you could just go offline and hide for a couple of days to get focussed but just can’t seem to get around to organising it?

  • Struggling to create content quickly because you fear it’s not good enough and find yourself procrastinating over it?


The ability to generate not just content, but meaningful content that is clear, has cut-through and connection with your audience is the future of marketing and business growth.

The problem is we can’t create it fast enough, so I’m on a mission to fix that.

Attend this 1-day intensive content creation bootcamp where you will undertake 1 days of sprint (don’t worry, I don’t mean running!) to complete 25 pieces of content, in other words 6 months of content in 1 day.

This program is ideal for you if you:

• Are ready to get in and do the work
• Just need some focussed time, space to think and some accountability to get stuff done
• Already have some content created such a blog, a book etc, you now just need to create a lot more and need to remove all distractions!

This program is not ideal if you:

• Want someone else to do it for you
• Want to attend a retreat that is about relaxation, rejuvenation and chilling out
• Want to collaborate with others.

The content you create may be used for:


Your next book



Coaching programs

How it works:

One day will be undertaken using the “Pomodoro technique” of working in blocks of 10 mins over 1 hourly timeframes.

We will have 5 x 1-hour sessions with 5 x 10 minute sprints and the final 10 mins of the hour is used for a 10 minute break before beginning the next sprint. There will be regular breaks and activities to keep your brain fresh and moving throughout the day to complete the goal of 25 pieces of content ready for you to take away and start using!

Please note this workshop will be capped at 15 participants to ensure I can give as much attention and feedback as possible.

What the Content Creation Bootcamp includes:

  • 2-day (full) workshop with materials, coaching and support (valued at $1000)
  • Measurement of your Influencer Score to identify your marketing and lead generation gaps for growth (valued at $80)
  • Pre-work Facebook group and webcasts to help you prepare for the 2 days (valued at $1500)
  • Content Marketing Planner placing your content on over 40 platforms. (valued at $500)
  • A copy of Jane's “Catalyst Content” book (valued at $30)
  • Lifetime Access to the Catalyst Content Online Curriculum (valued at $500)
  • First 5 to book receive 30 mins 1:1 coaching session (valued at $1000).

Total Value over: $4,000

Full Bootcamp $997 + GST

Upcoming Content Creation Bootcamp Dates

Date: 7th & 14th August 2021

Time: 9am - 5pm AEST

Location: Zoom

This program can also be delivered to Leaders in-house needing to create content for Intranet platforms such as Workplace, Yammer and Microsoft Teams. For a complimentary discussion click here.

Here's what some have said...

Amanda Stevens

"It has been amazing to have just 2 days of discipline and of focus and the time and space to sit and really create content. Jane teaches an amazing blueprint and an amazing process for getting your ideas out of your head and onto paper.

Before coming to this weekend I had lots of ideas floating around for my new book but I didn't have any structure and it was very frustrating. What I feel like I've got now is around about 50 pieces of content that are going to form the chapters in the book. So I feel like I'm well on my way in just two days of having a structure for a new book. So its been very, very helpful and very worthwhile and I've got a lot out of it. Thanks, Jane."


Amanda Stevens Consumer Futurist Expert

Sally Foley-Lewis

"Productivity Hack!! Putting yourself in a room with like-minded people and follow a structured and well-supported process to get your brilliance out of your head and down on the page is a no-brainer!

Jane Anderson’s Content Creation Bootcamp is 2 days to 52 pieces of IP. I already booked for her next Content Creation Bootcamp before I finished the one I was attending."


Sally Foley Lewis Productive Leadership Expert

Jess Ritchie

"Thank you Jane for creating a space where we can come and create content for the next 52 weeks! What a feeling to come away with that!!"


Jessica Ritchie Marketing and Communications Expert

Josephine Palermo

"This was so valuable!  Thanks so much, I created 51 pieces of IP which will be the foundation of my consultancy start up.
If you decide to come to Melbourne please let me know."


Josephine Palermo Co-Working Expert

Djana O'Brien

"This bootcamp was essential to unlocking our social media inspiration. Before the 2 days our entire advisory IP was in the minds of 2 or 3 people. I’m eager to share the outcome of the bootcamp with my peers when I return. I’m stoked to leave with 12 months of IP on paper. Thank you Jane, we will certainly be continuing Expert to Influencer."


Djana O'Brien Executive Director & Project Management Expert

Erika Entz

"Thank you for creating this fantastic workshop and sharing your knowledge. I always struggled to create my own IP yet have so much expertise and knowledge to share. In only 2 days you have transformed me to a more confident person. I have created so much content and now hungry for more. Thank you!"


Erika Entz Customer Success Expert

Emma Mcqueen

" Jane has this amazing ability to meet you where you are at. She doesn’t make you feel silly for the questions that you are asking, she doesn’t make you feel bad for the work that you are doing, she just meets you where you are and gives you the permission to just keep doing what you need to be doing. A judgement-free zone and a knack for patience, this woman is a force to be reckoned with (and that’s coming from me!).. Being a Go-getter myself, I feel like Jane and I are a match made in heaven (not to get too soppy or anything) and I know that we will continue to work together over the coming years. When you meet “your people” you just know. And I just know. Thank you Jane for making this journey so much less lonely than it could have been."


Emma McQueen Executive Coach & Leadership Expert

David Staughton

"Jane’s AWESOME Course was just the boost I needed to work hard and organise my content in a structured way.  The disciplined production sessions got the work done as promised."


David Staughton Award winning Keynote Speaker and Small Business Consultant

Kellie Tomney

"Extremely valuable to get by content developed into a powerful structure and ready for the year ahead.  Jane’s drive for efficiency, space to dedicate and expertise on hand has been brilliant."


Kellie Tomney Leadership + Career Mentor/Coach | Speaker | Facilitator ► FUTUREPROOFING ORGANISATIONS, LEADERSHIP + CAREERS

Pia Crawley

The best things I got out of the workshop were:

  1. The time to develop ideas and content.
  2. The techniques to document pink sheets and transcribe them
  3. Support to develop models and the rationale for including all content elements.
  4. Fantastic people to share their ideas and knowledge.


Pia Crawley Process improvement, process design, leadership and coaching, strategic planning, customer centric design

Samantha Leith

"Amazing! It was incredibly valuable to take the time to have the space to create the backbone of my content for 12 months. I surely would never have gotten it done by myself."


Samantha Leith Motivational Speaker | Transformation | Personal & Business Growth | Coach & Expert in Helping People Be Extraordinary

Renee Giarrusso

"Amazing 2 days! Loved every minute of it. Jane was amazing and the group dynamics, content and productivity exceeded my expectations."


Renee Giarrusso Accelerating LIMITLESS Leaders TM, Teams & Organisations -Speaker | Author | Mentor | Trainer | Coach (PCC) | Podcast Host

Marita Ryan

"Fantastic 2 days – can’t believe I managed to get so much content created – thank you!!! Your knowledge, skills and generosity are inspirational."


Marita Ryan Coach | Mentor | Facilitator | Recruitment expert in the not for profit sector

Jean Adams

"Fabulous 2 days. Thanks Jane for creating the space for me to write 54 Pink Sheets in 2 days. Amazed at how much I can achieve. Pomodoro technique is excellent. Great to have the energy and shared thinking of the group."


Jean Adams Empowerment Coach | Life Transition Mentor

Jessica Schubert

"The workshop will change my business not only with the amount of content and IP created but also with the new skills of Pink Sheets and rev-ing learned. Thank you!"


Jessica Schubert Executive Coach | Intactteams Coach | Leadership Facilitator

Fleur Heazlewood

"I never thought I could write a whitepaper yet I was able to write my first ever whitepaper in 1 day! Woohoo!"


Fleur Heazlewood Workplace resilience & wellbeing, Positive organisational performance: Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor

Jodie McLean

"Jane, you have opened my mind to the infinite opportunities that await me and my business. Thank you for taking me on an incredible journey."


Jodie Bache-Mclean Modern Manners Expert

"Amazing contrast to see how time is used vs. leveraged."


Kate Lee Brand & Communications Manager, Worrells

Michelle Bihary

"Learning at so many levels from Jane's expertise and wisdom. I absolutely love the 2 days and could not rate it highly enough! Thanks so much Jane, you are a special and generous soul."

Michelle Bihary People Leadership, Self-Leadership and Workplace Resilience Expert 

Karen Willson

"This course really made a difference to my ability to find a system to write that works and is efficient. It's been helpful to be able to list and then make notes and then talk things that will be useful to people as they consider homeschooling.

Hopefully, it will make a difference in the current climate in the homeschool world."


Karen Willson Director of Simply Homeschool

Johanna van Aalst

"Thank you so much Jane. I learnt so much from you. What a beautiful and generous gift of your talent and time.

The structure and frame work for creation as you laid it out, made sense and became easier to follow as I committed and practised it. The focus was - drill sargeant Sharp. I could easily see where I was going off on tangents in the framework and not staying to the message. I could then refocus and unpack on point.

Thank you. You have been a blessing to me."


Johanna van Aalst Strategy & Business Development Consultant

Jacinta Cubis

"Jane Anderson helps thought leaders and experts turn their often esoteric ideas into practical pieces of compelling content. Do her boot camp. Join her content club. Get working on getting your ideas out to market. She holds the space with such empathy and generously supports you to fill the gaps. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity."





Jacinta Cubis Facilitator | Mentor | Speaker

Mark Butler

"I have completed an incredible two day seminar with Jane Anderson. It is no wonder she is one of the world's most highly sought after personal branding experts. She has been writing the book on content creation for social media, blogging, podcasts, writing books, newsletters etc. She delivers concise and valuable information, supporting you throughout the whole process.

I have signed up for a 12 month program with Jane, now that I am on a roll. Will have a book, several whitepapers and a blog up and running in that time. Could never have done it myself."


Mark Butler Mindset Performance Expert

Jen Dainer

"I just wanted to say thank you for your generosity and leadership you've shown to this global community last week. I really appreciated the opportunity to have someone help me in such a structured way. The benefit has been not only the content mapping I got done, but also the jolt it's given me to wake up this morning, motivated and reset."

So, thank you, again."


Jen Dainer Industrial Photo and Video Expert

Lindsay Pope

"Having attended Jane's 2 day Content Creation Bootcamp, I was stunned by how much quality content I was able to quickly pull together for the next 12 months. The key to Jane's programs are her generosity and passion for others' success. I really valued how she facilitated the two days and the new insights I was able to gain. Top job Jane and a huge thanks!"


Lindsay Pope Trainer for purposeful trusts & legacies | Mentor | Facilitator

Karen Livey

"Wow Jane – this is definitely your superpower! You did an amazing job holding the space and keeping everyone to task. It was an incredible feat, showing stamina and heart. I really appreciated your efforts in all of this.

An enormous thank you to you and your team.

I’m still reverberating with thinks (!) and will need to put them into some kind of order. All those who managed to write books – maybe that will be me one day…

A really big hug for you!"


Karen Livey Using Brain Science for Better Leadership and Learning | International Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Presenter, Coach

Rebecca Hannan

"Thank you so much for your generosity in facilitating this amazing program and for kindly keeping it active for a few more days.

I've truly loved every minute of it. I’ve nearly finished my content and transcribing. It's been a challenge fitting it in between longs days and getting my head around a new site but it's mostly done and I’m stoked.

I feel like my creativity has exploded and my mind has opened up to more metaphors and content. The process has given me extra confidence in my knowledge - It's amazing how much you know when you’ve only got a limited amount of time to share that knowledge,

So thanks again you’re one incredible human being."


Rebecca Hannan Bringing wellness to your workplace ✬ Keynote Speaker ✬ Storyteller ✬ MC ✬Author ✬ The Momentum Maker

Rohan Dredge

"The time and opportunity to focus on creating content was SO helpful (and challenging) at the same time. I had to focus, work hard and play my own inner game of competition. The results were stunning, I was able to break through a 2-month blockage on my Book and make it all made sense. This focus time made that possible.

I created more content I am proud of in less time than ever.

This sorted the next 3-6 months of content creation, useful and practical.

This made the discipline of creating content fun, doable, and practical. Loved it.



Rohan Dredge Helping Technical Experts Become People Leaders™ I Speaker | Mentor | Author | Coach

"I hope this reaches you well and rested after the last two big days. I’d like to reach out and thank you very (very!) much for your CCBC sessions. They were very informative and taught me some great tips and ideas for my future in Marketing. I really appreciated your time, and I look forward to implementing your marketing advice in the future."


Laura Simpson Marketing Coordinator - Endless Spas, Pools and Lifestyle

Julie Hassard

"A note of thanks for a focussed and fruitful couple of days. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the swing of TLBS style of content creation. Your generous gift helped me gain some focus and enthusiasm for what’s ahead, at a time when my income is pretty much non-existent. I remember your energy and kindness from TLBS – I love your ethos re creating and distributing IP to serve others rather than prioritising ‘closing a sale.’

My plans to build a new business offering self-development and life fulfillment workshops and retreats for midlife women started off well in February, and are currently in disarray given the situation we’re all in now.

Feeling a bit rudderless, however your boot camp helped me with content, given me confidence to just put it out there to attract some interest, and get on with making some online offerings.

You’re an inspiring model of success and care Jane, it was lovely to connect with you again. I hope life is treating you well. And you’re getting time to ‘be’ in all the ‘doing.’"


Julie Hassard Health Professional I Wellness Educator I Coach I Facilitator Promoting Personal and Professional Fulfillment

Ann Vodicka

"I attended Day 1 of your Content Creation Bootcamp last week and wanted to thank you for your kindness, generosity and insights. During that day I managed to create more content than I would have in a year! And your content page template is now a highly valued tool when I’m writing.

You are an inspiring teacher and leader. Thanks again!"


Ann Vodicka Brand Image Coach | Personal Brand Specialist | Image Consultant

Tracey Ezard

"Jane is the epitome of generosity and brilliance. Her Content Bootcamp not only gave me the space to focus on my content writing in a productive way, it was also a source of inspiration. Being able to tap into Jane’s wide-ranging and deep expertise, tune to the discussions when I needed a lift or a break or just think was perfect for my way of working. Jane’s knowledge of the best way to craft expert content is the best I have ever encountered. Her evidence base and experience have lifted my understanding of the online content game. Thanks Jane for your amazing facilitation of this course. I’ll be back!"


Tracey Ezard Ferocious Warmth Leadership Keynote Speaker; Author; Educator; Leading Learning and Collaborative Cultures;

"What I enjoyed most from the boot camp was the concentration of time and the method to put ideas down, that urgency of just do it without distraction. I still need to go back to read all the bonus reference materials from you and the industry experts, I'm sure I would learn more from them. I've also forwarded your website and Bootcamp info to my friends to join, I think they would learn much from you. Thanks again for your generosity and support."


Yan Huang Artist | Sculptor | Designer

Gail Bray

"Jane is an incredible motivational speaker, trainer, coach, and personal branding expert. I have participated in her public speaking course as well as the “content creation course” and found them both enormously beneficial. I continually use the tools and processes I was provided from the training – they are easy to implement and make sense. I was a poor and un-natural speaker until I had the great fortune of learning Jane’s pragmatic and essential techniques that really do help in delivering engaging speeches. Jane is also an extremely talented interview coach. She has a unique perspective and adds enormous value in this space. I really value her advice and would recommend Jane in a heartbeat."


Gail Bray General Manager | Chief Brand Officer I Global Markets

Jo Hassan

"Thanks so much, Jane Anderson… your Catalyst Content online program was easy to follow and to start implementation immediately. Starting is one thing though… the Content Creation Bootcamp is where it’s at for getting heaps done in short sharp bursts with your “remote but always there” guidance for accountability. Two days very well spent.

I was not surprised though as I had experienced your confident and “firm but warm and encouraging” mentorship previously whilst part of the Women With Influence program.

Jane, your generosity of spirit and ideas are world-class: I’m so very grateful to have you in my world locally."


Jo Hassan Vitality Expert

Anne Riches

"Jane's Content Catalyst program is without a doubt, the most brilliant process to get your music out of you. Her program sticks your bottom down with bum glue, ensures your brain explodes with ideas and provides tools to capture that content in a structured way to distribute what you never thought you had in you or the time to create.

After 30+ years as in the speaking business, I now have a way to refresh, reinvent and reposition myself - a conundrum I have struggled with for years. Jane's expertise, deep research, proven methodology and equally as importantly, her energy, empathy, encouragement and support provide that opportunity.

What a gift. Jane, you will positively impact the lives of tens, no hundreds of thousands by the work you do with people in this program. Deep gratitude. Totally recommend this boot camp for procrastinators, perfectionists and anyone who simply wants time out and a guided mind space (in a fun, measurable and accountable way) to generate and utilise their wisdom to serve others."


Anne Riches CSP The Mindfield Navigator | Leadership | Emotional Intelligence | Mental Health | Emotionally and Mentally Savvy at Work and at Home

Jane Jackson

"I have just completed a 2-day content creation Bootcamp with Jane Anderson. What a valuable two days it has been. A totally no-nonsense approach to content creation - we used the Pomodoro technique - 10-minute bursts - and our group smashed out thousands of pieces content ready to be fleshed out into articles, posts, podcasts, videos, ebooks and books. What an amazing way to be kept accountable to get all the writing you've always wanted to do but never 'got around' to doing! Thank you Jane for a very productive (and fun) 2 days!"


Jane Jackson Career Coach

Eleanor Groat

"I've just completed an amazing couple of days (plus the excellent online pre-work) with Jane around content creation. Such a fantastic system to implement, and Jane's training and coaching throughout was clear, concise, and encouraging. Loved having these two days of supported action taking, and would highly recommend to anyone with a message to convey (which, really, is all of us!)"


Eleanor Groat Helping people to flourish and workplaces to thrive

Joan McEwan

"Wow, wow, wow! I have recently spent 2 days with Jane whilst she facilitated a Content Creation Bootcamp. As a result of her support, knowledge, skills and ability to hold the space for the group, I managed to complete 49 pieces of content for my newsletters, blogs and videos. It has also enabled me to start writing my second book. Her program is certainly the most efficient and effective way to do this. Jane is a powerhouse and so knowledgable in the field of content creation - thank you, Jane, for sharing your genius with us. I highly recommend Jane to anyone who is struggling to get their thoughts out of their head and onto paper."


Joan McEwan High Performance Expert |Leadership,Health & Wellbeing | Mental Health | Speaker | Author | Coach

Carolyn Ellis

"I cannot rave about and recommend Jane Anderson highly enough! As a facilitator, coach and author myself, I am insatiably curious, love creating and finding new ideas, and designing solutions for my clients. But I can get log-jammed in my own mind at times, bogging myself down from taking a great idea across the finish line to a tangible outcome, whether it be an article, new program offering or keynote.

In the course of taking part in Jane's extraordinary Content Creation Bootcamp, Jane offered a structure, space and accountability to get cranking and move from thinking about something to doing something tangible. I was amazed that in the 2-day program, which she masterfully delivered online to a global community, I easily and joyfully generated a year's worth of weekly blog articles. Plus, I now have the pieces to put together in a variety of ways (talks, programs, online courses etc). The surprising and delightful thing was it felt like a fun game, instead of some kind of chore.

Jane is a true gem - she's smart, generous, incredibly resourceful, experienced, and she creates a way for you to unleash the very best of your thought leadership so you can have a positive impact on your clients. If you're feeling you need to put some rocket fuel in your content creation, there's nothing like working with Jane Anderson. I absolutely have no hesitation in giving her my highest recommendation!"


Carolyn Ellis Helping Leaders Transform Complexity to Clarity & Engage Their Teams

Mel Kettle

"I recently participated in Jane's 2-day Content Creation Bootcamp, where I achieved more work than I thought possible over that time. Jane's facilitation was at all time professional, encouraging, supportive, and laced with humour. The 54 pieces of content I created will be used for my next two books, as well as blog posts, social media posts and upcoming podcast episodes and keynotes. Thanks Jane, I can't tell you how appreciative I am! If you're looking for some space to create content, definitely check out Jane's programs."



Mel Kettle I help leaders, teams & organisations communicate to connect | Speaker | Facilitator | Mentor | Strategy | Communication

Sue Quadrelli

"I recently attended Jane's online Content Creation Bootcamp, a 2-day event that sees a remarkable production of content produced by all attendees. Jane's ability to convey a clear understanding, in an incredibly knowledgeable, professional, concise way, is remarkable.

At a time when the world is out of kilter, Jane has offered her expert time and knowledge to help bring some confidence into my business world. I expect I will be connected to Jane for the rest of my life, Jane brings so much amazing energy into the room, Health Marketing 101 is very grateful."


Sue Quadrelli Perfecting Practices | Improving the Bottom line via Systems & People | Health Marketing

Nia Mcmartin

"Need focus? Need Jane Anderson's content creation boot camp! 2 days of narrow-focused, intense activity that WILL result in a whole year's worth of content. If you're just starting out or if you've been around awhile and feeling a little weary, these two days will energise you like nothing else! Brilliant!"


Nia McMartin Business Manager

Dr. Lesley Petersen

"The discipline you brought into my writing was exceptionally powerful. I have developed a ton of pink sheets however your content page took me to another level as it prompted me to think about 'Steps' (not in the pink sheet). The steps are what will form my training program content and my article and blog post focus. Thank you so much for this opportunity Jane. I will also add, it has made me realise what my true calling is in the mentoring space - watch for a website positioning statement upgrade!"


Dr. Lesley Petersen Author, Trainer, Mentor. Helping organisations grow their business through investing in their people through mentoring.

Merryl Semple

"I can’t express my appreciation enough for the support that you gave over the two-day Catalyst Content program. The structure frees up space for creativity and I achieved more clarity than my efforts in the previous 12 months. Thank you again."


Merryl Semple Resilience, Leadership and Change, Executive Coach, Leadership Development Facilitator and Consultant

Kathy Burgum

"The most valuable thing I got from attending the Bootcamp was the support provided by Jane and her team, and the space provided to be part of a group learning experience. I gained more self-confidence to move ahead on a journey that I had started some time ago - now I have a system. I had already written my first book and plan to promote its message to a global audience to help people live life fully without limitations. In the current environment, it is important to get the various messages out sooner rather than later. I am excited. Thank you again."


Kathy Burgum Mentor; CA; Master Int Tax; Author and Presenter; Yoga Teacher: I want to help you manage change in uncertain times.

Leanne J Sanders

"Your approachability and responsiveness add another dimension to the obvious wisdom and skill you bring to your programs. I so valued your follow through and follow up. Thank you."


Leanne J. Sanders Executive, Team and Personal Coaching

Oscar Trimboli

"Jane is a global leader in personal branding and content creation. Her workshops are thorough, elegant and unique.  During her workshops, she is generous sharing her international experience and examples and tailors her answers to my specific business situation.

Jane’s body of work has been thoughtful and thorough including her research with extensive assessments, tools and prolific set of books.

Well worth the time and the money to invest in Jane’s boot camps.

As a result, I created a 12 months' worth of content in advance across my Apple Award-Winning Podcast, Newsletters, Broadcast & Print Media and I have a great start on my 3rd book."


Oscar Trimboli Author of Deep Listening & Breakthroughs | Professional Speaker | Mentor

Mich Parker

"Thank you so much Jane for the clarity and momentum in tackling the daunting task of producing good content. I came into bootcamp not knowing where to start with writing content or how and what to do with it. The bootcamp answered all my questions and gave me amazing tools that took me from a state of confusion to clarity and into the momentum of writing loads of content and knowing what to then do with it. Thank you, Jane, for your incredible generosity and thank you to your amazing team for the support. I will be coming back for more!"


Mich Parker

Sarah Bass

"I recently attended Jane's Content Creation Bootcamp. Jane holds the space for you to get on and get stuff done but it's so much more than that with her motivation, encouragement and practical help. A great service. Thank you."


Sarah Bass Resilience and Wellbeing Speaker

Rebecca Bradshaw

"This week I attended the fabulous content creation boot camp by Jane Anderson. Before the course, I thought I was productive but this two-day intensive saw my productivity treble, not only in output but in quality.

I have learnt techniques that I will take forward to continue creating meaningful content to drive my practice."


Rebecca Bradshaw Developing People, Teams, Systems

Bridget Tomkins

"Jane Anderson's Content Creation Bootcamp was amazing. If only I had done this course 18 months ago. Her stamina, interest, and depth of knowledge is contagious. I am so grateful to her for teaching me her easy techniques for content creation that are so useful now and will continue to be in the future. Thank you so much, Jane."


Bridget Tomkins

Karen Tui Boyes

"The Content Creation boot camp was a great shot in the arm and provided the space for ideas to flow. Thanks so much to Jane and your team for your generosity and wisdom."


Karen Tui Boyes Speaker, Author, CEO of Spectrum Education

Yvette Wain

"Very impressed with the information provided and level of professionalism seen. Jane found in me content I didn't even know I had in such a short space of time. The two-day virtual bootcamp was awesome!. I now have 12 months of content! Very generous and supportive team. Highly recommended!"


Yvette Wain

Tracey Mcgrath

"The Content Creation Bootcamp was an enormous value. Two days of content generation, inspired advice and collaboration with Jane and all the attendees. I generated over 50 items of content and have ideas for another 40+. Jane Anderson generously demonstrated a successful and versatile method for generating focused content. I would recommend the program to anyone wanting to be serious about delivering high-value content."


Tracey McGrath Creating workplaces that work

Colleen Creighton

"What an amazing gift! Jane is clear, concise and leads you through a disciplined way of getting your thoughts down in a magically short amount of time! More than that, her wisdom and knowledge on what to do with those thoughts is a game-changer. She helps you move from mere content to delivery with ease and grace. I will do this program again and again! What a gem! Thanks so much for the generous gift of your precious time and wisdom."


Colleen Creighton Elevating Cultures Beyond Compliance

Sally Thibault

"Jane Anderson's Content Boot Camp allowed me to bring together all the thoughts and ideas I had for creating a new online program. It helped me get those ideas into a format that will make it much simpler to create the content in a flow that works. By the end of the first day I had mapped out all the content and by the end of the second day, I had identified how many videos, MP3's and PDF's I would need, organized them in a workable flow and begin the process of putting the initial marketing strategies together. Thanks to Jane and Emma and all the team, it was an extremely productive experience, I can't wait to launch!"


Sally Thibault Keynote Speaker | Author | Intuitive Wellness Coach | Self-Leadership Mentor | Workplace Wellness Workshop Facilitator

Lenka Taylor

"Thank you very much for the amazing Content Bootcamp and also for the Catalyst Content online program, both with so much value. Jane Anderson, you are truly one of a kind inspirational and very generous lady. This morning, I posted my first LinkedIn post after the Bootcamp using the new framework. Within a few hours, it generated more engagement than any other post I did this year. Forever grateful." 


Lenka Taylor Forex Trader & Coach

"Jane is a rare talent who knows how to create brands and content that get results. She can educate on the logic of content creation but more importantly the practicalities of exactly how to create winning content."


Rob Nixon CEO & Founder

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