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Your Leadership Brand - Personal Branding for Leaders

Personal Branding for Leaders

Needing help with your leaders to create a solid foundation with a strong sense of their identity, influence and impact they need to make?

Digital footprints, as well as the need to create and manage your personal brand,  are creating lots of questions in the workplace. Through this customisable program, we provide solutions that involve educating your leaders about their leadership personal brand, creating startegic networks, creating influence with those who matter.

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Women with Influence- For Female Consultants

Looking to elevate the positioning of your university, research institute or for your own practice growth as a female consultant?

This is the perfect program to help your female consultants to identify their personal brand, develop their strategic networks and build their influence with those who matter. Ideal for female leaders in organisations and female industry leaders looking to grow their platform, positioning and profile. Popular with universities and research institutes, or for female corporate consultants.

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Content Creation Bootcamp

Content Creation Bootcamp- Create 12 Months’ Worth of Content in 2 Days

Struggling to get your leaders to create thought leadership content for your organisation's marketing or internal intranet platforms? 

The ability to generate not just content, but meaningful content that is clear, has cut-through and connection with your audience is the future of marketing and business growth.

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